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Unik's biggest goal is to always receive affirmation from customers:
“We were right to choose Unik”.
Design consultancy
Good listener is clearly shown in this phase to understand the requirements, business strategies as well as budget allocation of the Investor, thereby providing feasible solutions from design ideas to Construction measures help speed up progress and optimize costs.
The freedom of creativity is outstandingly shown in this time, turning fine art into art built in the accuracy of professional plan, bringing applied art into real life.
Fitting out
Quality on construction, Harmony in layout and elegance in material collection, Understanding features of materials, enhance performance and functional to activate the emotion touching when using.
Quality is emphasized in construction, Harmony in layout and Sophistication in material selection, understanding the characteristics of every detail of materials, enhancing functionality to activate emotional interference when touched. use.

Design & construction process

Design & Construction process at Unik

1. Receive customer information

Receive information and needs of customers

2. Discuss and make preliminary design plans

Prepare a preliminary design layout proposal

3. Implement design

Make 3D designs based on the approved preliminary design

4. Final quote and contract

Develop technical construction documents and provide preliminary construction quotes to customers

5. Carry out construction and hand over the project

Check all construction items
Carry out acceptance tests in accordance with company regulations

6. Customer service

Ensure customer satisfaction and resolve problems that arise after completion


Customers have trusted Unik

Partners customers

Unik's success is built from the trust of more than 150+ customers & partners over the past time.

Unik's customers include major brands: Marriot, Eastin Grand, VietcomReal, VinGroup, Kien A Group, Him Lam Group, AIA, Grace World, Dragon Empire, Sandy Beach, River Park, Hung Phat Group, Generali, Schindler, AkzoNobel , VIB, Finizi, VPS, SP Group, Idle, Kasikorn Bank, SpiralEdge, VNG Games, VinCss, Phuc Long, Starbuck,…