Office interior design tips and ideas for small space

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Office interior design tips and ideas for small space

Date submitted:05/05/2024

By using some creative and efficient office interior designing ideas, you can increase the every day performance of your team.

Research suggests that a properly designed office space not just looks good and appealing, but it is directly connected to the performance of the people working in the office. Studies suggest that good office interior design can have a positive impact on the performance of the employees. While a not so good and comfortable interior design and office environment can have a negative impact on the performance of the people working in the office.  If you are planning to design and decorate your office, then you may like to check these amazing office interior design tips and ideas to design your small office.

The layout of the office, the presence of natural light, the color of the walls, and the kind of office furniture being used are all equally important. These smaller elements can help boost the mood and the energy levels of the employees, and thereby increase their overall productivity.

Here are a few of the best office interior design tips and ideas you should check and consider.

Use the space wisely

When you are designing and decorating a smaller space, you have to be very careful in using the space. In fact, you should use the space wisely, even if you have plenty of space. The layout of the office space should not just look good, but it should be designed for efficiency. It should also accommodate a few extra work stations so that when the team grows, they can accommodate a few more people in that office space.

The right layout of the office space is crucial and plays an important role in the overall office interior designing. If the work desks or cubicles are too small, then the employees may get frustrated and eventually lose concentration. But, if the desks and cubicles are designed to be just the right size, the team can sit and work comfortably.

Use right layout

The selection of the layout for work desks can be made based on the needs of your employees. Both open offices and offices with cubicles are good. But, it depends on the specific requirements and nature of work. Like for those who are working over the telephone for maximum time, cubicles are best. In cubicles, they can talk comfortably. However, if the work involves working on computers, and you wish to accommodate more people in a smaller space, the row layout and workstation will work well.

Whatever be it, make sure your office is well organized and free from clutter. It is also important for you to see that there is sufficient moving space. And the overall office environment is relaxing, inspiring and comfortable for your employees to work efficiently.

Comfortable furniture

Comfort should be your top priority when you are choosing furniture for your office. This is because an employee will not have any problem sitting in an old fashioned chair. However, if the chair is not comfortable, your employees may not be able to sit on it for long. And then, that is going to directly affect their work.

So when choosing the office furniture, your priority should be the space it would occupy, comfort and then the looks and style of the furniture. You should go with comfortable furniture and then look for something that makes the whole space look beautiful and professional.

Allow natural light

Natural light can be instrumental in uplifting the mood and increasing the productivity of the people working in your office. It helps boost the mood, increase the energy levels and create an overall positive work environment. And all of these contribute to better work performance of the team. Exposure to natural daylight at workspace also helps individuals sleep better. It also improves the quality of life of the individuals to an extent.

So, it is important to use the windows smartly, so that the natural light can enter inside the office space.

Use bright colors

While many people prefer using neutral colors while painting their office, in reality, the dull and boring colors may dampen the spirits of the employees. The overall environment can become sad and depressing. This is why it is recommended to use vibrant and bright colors. It will make the overall office environment inspiring, energetic, positive and enthusiastic.

Use potted plants

There are any benefits of keeping indoor plants at your home and office. It is very important to add greenery, even when you are designing your office in a smaller space. Not because the plants help purify the indoor air but also because by adding plants, you can make the space green and lively. And that can eventually help increase the productivity of the teams.

Avoid clutter

Irrespective of whether you are renovating an old office or setting up a new small office, you should look to make it free from clutter. Pay proper attention to the layout to ensure that the office is not very crowded and clumsy. There should be proper storage options available to every employee. Not just for storing the official documents but also for storing their personal items. There should be proper shelves and cabinets for storing the books and other decorative pieces. Separate shelves should be allotted for keeping the office accessories. Also, to avoid clutter, you may like to use storage baskets or boxes to store the papers, stationary and other office supplies properly.

Create lounging space

A stringent work environment is not a favorable one. Here the employees may feel too restricted which can affect their work performance. In contrast to that, if your office has a lounging space, then that would keep the employees motivated to work. You can easily get that done by adding bean bags, couches or hammocks to the space.

Lounging space in office can help your employees to

  • Stretch and straighten their backs
  • Enjoy some hot tea or coffee
  • Have a little bit of chitchat with the co-workers
  • Relax in the lounge when they are free or stressed

Basically, there should be a fun place where the team can relax and hangout when needed. Not that this is a high priority requirement. But you may like to consider adding this space to your office interior design when space permits you.

Decorate entrance

Whether it’s home or office, you can’t and should not really ignore the main entrance. Decorating the main entrance of your office is important because that is the part of your office that anyone coming to your office will see. Be it your clients, associates, employees and anyone else, they will enter the office through the entry way and therefore it must be inviting and appealing. It must create a positive impression in the minds of everyone entering the office, especially your clients, associates and employees.

You can make the space very inviting by incorporating fun couches, chairs, wall hangings etc.

Highlight views

If you are lucky and your office has a scenic view, then it is advisable that you highlight that view. This will make the space more interesting, lively and beautiful. Employees will be motivated enough to work and enjoy the beautiful scenic view during the breaks.


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